Frequently Asked Questions


How is Jonsar Studios different from photo booth rentals?


Great question! We get this one a lot. There are three things that set us apart.

  • The celebrity experience we deliver. Our VIP, one-on-one guidance guarantees your guests will look and feel amazing, like celebrities on a cover shoot.

  • The quality of our work. We bring 30 years of expertise as award-winning fashion and advertising photographers to your event — and it shows.

  • The take-home value. Because the Jonsar Studios Experience is different, we’ve found that guests treasure and share the portraits we make. Other branded photo booth pictures often wind up lost or forgotten before the part’s even over.

What kind of events do you do?


We’ve brought our event photo studio to fundraisers, parties, festivals, weddings, corporate events and galas. Our clients have ranged from international luxury brands to not-for-profit organizations to a local brewery. Tell us what you’re planning — we’ll work with you to make it magical.

Where are you based? Do you do out-of-town events?


We’re based in New York City, but we love to travel! We work anywhere in the U.S. as well as in Europe and South America.

Can you do outdoor events?


Yes. We just need overhead coverage to protect people and equipment from the elements, plus access to electricity and a stable internet connection.

How much space do you need?


Our ideal space is 20’ x 20’ with at least 9.5’ of overhead clearance. This gives us ample room to accommodate large group shots and create head-to-toe portraits. However, we know space is sometimes at a premium, so our setup can be downsized accordingly. We like to have a minimum area of 10’ x 15’.

What are your technical requirements?


We need three dedicated 20-amp lines of electricity and a stable, robust internet connection.

What kind of backgrounds are available? Can they be customized?


Absolutely. Take a look at our custom background options and see examples of our work. Please note, custom backgrounds take a minimum of four weeks to create, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. You can also opt for a classic black background, which flatters everyone, never goes out of style and looks fantastic with color or black-and-white portraits.

How much do your services cost?


Pricing depends on several factors. Please contact us with some quick information about your event so we can provide an estimate or custom proposal.

How long does each portrait session take?


On average, about three minutes, but since our goal is to bring out the best in each person we photograph, the exact time can vary. If we’re working with a large group, we’ll take care to set up the shot in a visually pleasing way, which can take a little longer. Part of the Jonsar Studios experience is enjoying your celebrity moment in front of the camera!


Can I book a private Session?


Yes! We love to create creative headshots and professional portraits.

Do you have any images of your setup?


Yes - take a look at these behind-the-scenes shots of our Mobile Studio.

The Jonsar Studios team is hands-down amazing. The experience they bring to any event is game-changing. I would recommend them over and over and over and over.
— Jennifer McDowell, Event Planner