Jonsar Studios creates elegant photographic entertainment and glamorous experiences at events. Our soulful yet fun portraits resonate with individuals long after the event is over.  Our unique display and delivery system are show stopping entertainment, and guests walk away with fine art, branded prints and an experience they'll never forget.

Our Sharing Kiosk allows guests to print, email, and post images from their sessions.  We customize every event with integration of client's #hashtags and @handles.

Sample Event:  Zoe Tahari Bat Mitzvah

Guests take home 4x6 Fine Art Prints, with unique overlays custom-created to enhance event theme.

Custom-created videos sent to house system for large screen display.  

 Location:  583 Park Ave, NYC

Location:  583 Park Ave, NYC

Jonsar Studios Mobile Studio Footprint - 10' x 16'.  Small additional space for sharing kiosk and tech station.

Behind the Scenes at Babël - with Jonsar Studios.

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