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Jonsar Studios: Portrait, GIF and Video Experiences

The Experience


A Luxury Photo Experience Unlike Any Other

Find Out How Jonsar Studios Can Transform Your Event

What We Do And Why It’s Different - It’s About Experience


We offer immersive photographic experiences that connect people to your brand — and create VIP moments that make people look and feel their best.

We Create Unforgettable Brand Experiences That People Love To Share

It all starts the first moment we discuss your event. We listen to your goals, find out about your guests, and create a unique look and experience based on your brand identity.

Guests step on set and are expertly guided with all the skill, care and passion celebrities experience on photo shoots because we believe everyone deserves A-list treatment.

After each session, our team of professional editors enhances images in real time, working to our exacting quality standards. Select images from the set are shown in a branded slideshow on our large-screen display for everyone in the venue to enjoy.


The result? Guests walk away with so much more than a branded photo. They take home a transformative experience — one that’s truly worth remembering and sharing.



Social Media Integration


Our custom technology allows clients to create social media content pipelines directly from our mobile studio. Plus, guests can print and share portraits on the spot. Learn more about our social media kiosk.


Videos and gifs


Learn more about our fantastically creative portrait videos and GIFs and see some of our recent favorites.


Custom Backdrops

We can create custom photo backdrops to make your event portraits stand out.

I have never looked so good in my life as I do in the images you created. You give people an amazing sense of self-esteem.
— Lapacazo Sandoval, Author & Participant, The LGBTQ Expo
You were absolutely stellar, and everyone has been raving about you. I am never comfortable in front of the camera — but you were able to make me relax!
— Kristina Smith, Event Coordinator, St. Ann's Warehouse

Portraits in Motion


Videos & Gifs: Portraits in Motion

Our video and GIF portraits are unique, creative and totally memorable.


Capturing a great video or GIF can be tricky — and we know just how to direct your guests so their portraits will shine. No more awkward poses or worries about what to do with your hands!

All Jonsar Studios video and GIF portraits are fully optimized for social media. Branded videos can be sent directly to guests’ phones for sharing across all platforms, incorporating your event’s hashtag and relevant handles.

Jonsar Studios is a must-have for any size gala or event. Their stunning multi-image videos transform events.
— -Michael Blatter, Founder & CEO, Mirrorball Agency


Videos & Gifs Formatted for Social Sharing

Have a Hashtag or Special Messaging to share? Our branded videos can be sent right to guests’ phones for immediate sharing.


Guests step onto the set and we do the rest. Within minutes of their session, our creative videos are either sent directly to their phones or are on display venue-wide.


Social Media Sharing


Post, Share & Print With Our Social Media Kiosk


People love our portraits—and can’t wait to show them off.


We’ve simplified social media sharing with our state-of-the-art kiosk that lets guests review and select their favorite photos and GIFs on the spot. Then, they can share their best looks to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or send to friends via email.

All shares from the kiosk can be set up with customized messages incorporating your event’s hashtag and any relevant handles you’d like people to tag.


We can also send live image and GIF uploads to your event website or fan pages, so your audience can get a glimpse of the fun from anywhere in the world.

And of course, our kiosk produces high-quality branded prints suitable for framing—the ultimate take-home gift.


Starting a Social Media campaign?

 All Kiosk posts and shares include a suggested pre-filled message for incorporating #hashtags and @handles.

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Jonsar Studios gives guests the opportunity to have a real photo session and walk away with something they will want to share on social or display at home. The best part is, they know how to get you looking your best.
— Max McCormack, Senior Account Manager, Agentry PR

Custom Backgrounds


Custom Backgrounds Designed Just For You

If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.


Our world-class designers can turn your vision into a custom background for green screen photo booth portraits that are one-of-a-kind works of art.

Custom backgrounds can take a minimum of four weeks to create, so please keep that in mind when planning your event.



Classic Black Background - Because Simple is Elegant

Or, choose our classic black background for a versatile, high-fashion look that flatters everyone. It’s an ideal match for both black-and-white and color portraits.

Jonsar Studios created the most unique photo experience I’ve ever seen. They were real pros, established trust, were talented and extremely creative. They had guests raving about their photos. Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful tonight.
— Nicole Cicogna, Executive Director, Hartley House