Jaclyn Zendrian - Conversations with Artists -

“Being an event planner is like being a duck on water.  The top of the duck looks relaxed, while underneath it's paddling like crazy.”

Jaclyn Zendrian is an educator and an event planner who is helping shine a light on the little known disease PSP. Through the non-profit entity, CurePSP, Jaclyn curates events that help educate and connect patients and their families with others who have experienced many of the same pitfalls.

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Molly Shapiro - Conversations with Artists

“That’s The Power Of Google - creating something that hasn’t yet been created.”

Molly Shapiro’s day-to-day work at Google Beauty involves helping clients create successful and unique marketing strategies. Molly is a marketing professional at Google by day, a passionate sculptor reconnecting with a dream project, a budding improv artist, and much more than “slightly comedic.”

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Carline Beaubrun - Conversations with Artists

“If I put out good into the universe, it will come back. It always does.”

Carline Beaubrun is an event planner whose vision goes far beyond color schemes, table settings, and flower arrangements. Carline has an innate ability to connect with her clients. Her kind spirit and infectious smile cause people to open up and share aspects of their lives that they wouldn’t normally reveal.

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Mary Phillips-Sandy, Lizzie Jacobs - Conversations with Artists

“We construct a world that we’re in charge of but that other people feel welcome in.   We create a space where anything can happen.”

Executive Producer, Lizzie Jacobs, and Host, Mary Phillips-Sandy discuss their podcast Let’s Talk About Cats. The show’s premise Tell me about your cat, and I’ll tell you who you are guides the conversations in a funny, quirky, off-beat way.

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Timothy Alexander Phillips - Conversations with Artists

“Some people think that they don't have anything to share and you have to help them see it.  Others are just too shy to share and in that case, you try to make them feel safe.”

Timothy Phillips Alexander is the founder of Lightning Society — a forum for change-makers, people who believe in the power of ideas and one on one relationships to change attitudes. Lightning Society’s experiences are designed to foster passionate individualism and collective expansion.

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Lilly Zeligman - Conversations with Artists

“I don't have a formula.  For me, jewelry is non-verbal communication with the outside world.”

Lilly Zeligman is a jeweler with a unique sense of beauty and style. Her flawless sense of color combinations, proportions and materials are the results of many years of experience and a sincere and deep love for jewelry. Lilly has the innate ability to connect people with jewelry that resonates with their inner energy.

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Messalina Morley - Conversations with Artists

“I help empower other women by imparting positivity and self-confidence through sharing my own personal vulnerabilities on Instagram.”

@Messa is an Instagram Influencer, sharing her personal journey as an actress and model. In a world where people often hear ‘no’ more than ‘yes’, Messa’s body-positive message inspires others to love themselves as they are while reaching for their highest potential.

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Spencer Shulem - Conversations With Artists

“There’s an art to making someone feel comfortable enough to open up, and then deeply understanding the problem they face and how to solve it.”

Spencer Shulem is the CEO at WeDo - and creator of a wellness and productivity app that tracks the micro-decisions people make in their lives so that individuals can make better decisions and improve their behavior.

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Jack C. Bogle - Conversation with a Legend

John C. Bogle - Conversation with a Legend

John Bogle’s legacy is rooted in the concept that investing should be conducted solely in the interest of shareholders and investors. Bogle’s single-mindedness on fiduciary stewardship finds its meaning in the company he founded, the (low cost and simple) product strategies and corporate governance reforms he champions, and the nine books he wrote.

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Elle Simone - Conversations with Artists

“ I help folks look at food outside of their normal scope of consumption to view it from a more thoughtful perspective.”

Elle Simone is a food stylist and chef, helping people see food in a new way. Working at America’s Test Kitchen, Elle’s approach to food styling has been influenced by her battle with cancer as well as her Detroit roots.

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Dr. David Simpson - Conversations with Artists

“Much of the brain we don’t use — or at least we don’t completely understand how it is used. “

Dr. David Simpson, a Professor of Neurology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is a researcher and a scientist working to advance the knowledge of medicine, both in terms of understanding disease and treating disease. Dr. Simpson is doing ground-breaking work using Botox to treat musicians and others suffering from movement disorders, such as focal dystonia.

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Michael Blatter - Conversations with Artists

"I want people to not take experience for granted.  People don't realize Experience is a thing!  When you get up every day, ask what experience are you delivering, and to whom? 

Michael Blatter is an experiential marketing innovator and pioneer. As CEO of Mirrorball Agency, Blatter has built a team of creators united by a clear mission: to design experiences that stimulate people’s emotions and create deep, meaningful memories.

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Scott Rhea - Conversations with Artists

“Through journaling, I became aware of my habit of trashing every idea and being harsh with myself, killing my creativity. This realization changed my perspective.”

Scott Rhea is an image-maker whose work is represented in visual metaphors. Sparked by a personal journey to find the source of his creativity, Scott was ultimately seeking to become less dependent on people “liking” his work.

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Daniel Panzer - Conversations with Artists

“Coding is about taking structure and ideas and expressing patterns in a way that is both efficient and easy to understand.”

Daniel Panzer cut his coding teeth while working for Jonsar Studios, creating the apps that make our company run. Daniel’s analytical mind helped create the systems of display and delivery that are integral to the immersive photographic experiences Jonsar Studios creates at events.

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Jim Glaser - Conversations with Artists

 “People who are shy aren't shy when they're wearing a fabulous costume — they’re as happy as they will ever be.”

Jim Glaser discovered his love of costume-wearing at the NYC Halloween parade in the late 80’s abd found a sense of liberation in the way costume brings together fashion, art, theatre, and acts as a uniting force for people. 

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Sarah Oliphant - Conversations with Artists

“I learned how to have somebody go ”oh my god, you just drew that?”  I don’t think working for praise necessarily works to your advantage."

Oliphant backdrops have special magic that’s coveted by photographers the world over. Iconic images featuring supermodels, celebrities and world leaders are made better when photographed on an Oliphant drop.

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Kathryn Leigh Scott -Conversations with Artists

“ Finding the essence of the truth of a character is fascinating to me.”

Kathryn Leigh Scott is a farm girl who came to NY in search of an acting career. Kathryn paid her way through acting school by working at the Playboy Club; a job she credits for giving her self-confidence and the ability to be self-sufficient.  Finding herself cast in the number one soap opera of the day, “Dark Shadows” Kathryn never looked back.  

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Jeremy Driesen - Conversations with Artists

“I don’t know how artists start with nothing and create from there.”

Jeremy Driesen is a drummer, photographer and event producer.  According to Jeremy, a photographer works within a frame to create images, a musician finds creativity within the ‘frame’ the songwriter provides, and the event production ‘frame’ is meeting client objectives. 

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Bob Pittman - Conversations with Artists

"Some of the best artists in the world are people who don’t have the button that keeps us all as functioning members of society saying 'I shouldn’t do that.’  

Bob Pittman is a media pioneer who has consistently driven innovation across multiple platforms and industries, including radio, cable television, digital and mobile. Bob is CEO of iHEART Media and a big lover of Burning Man.

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