96 Hours

We first met Jim and Sam in January, 2012, at the first LGBT Wedding Expo held in Brooklyn's Borough Hall.  Jim and Sam were there in search of a DJ and came upon our photography display.  This was our first time as vendors at a Wedding Show and we were thrilled that it was an LGBT crowd.   We felt an immediate connection with Jim and Sam and stood there chatting for quite some time about everything under the sun, forgetting that we were supposed to be tending our booth and handing out brochures.  

Where Sam is tall, dark, handsome and serious, Jim is slim, freckled and ready with a laugh; they were the perfect complement to each other.  Sam is all about fashion, and Jim follows suit.  They seemed to be perfectly suited for each other, deeply in love, and happy that New York had made same-sex marriage legal. We finally said our goodbyes and they moved on to discover a place to brunch in Brooklyn Heights.

Several weeks later we received an email from Jim --they wanted to speak with us regarding photography for their wedding.  We set a date and they came to our place to talk it over. 

By the time we met, we were brimming with ideas.  Sam wanted to bring 'Fashion' to their wedding.  Jim wanted it to be practical and affordable. We wanted to make a film.  Talking it over we came up with a solution that would fit all three goals.  The main thing was that Jim and Sam didn't want to have to speak their vows at the ceremony -- they were fearful that they wouldn't make it through them without breaking down.  So the idea took shape that we would make a film that would actually contain their Wedding Vows and all they would have to do at the ceremony is step up and say "I do."

Filming started on March 12.  We wrapped shooting on May 31.  We have been in post production since then. The wedding is this coming Sunday - June 24th.  One year to the date that NY made same-sex marriages legal. 

Jim and Sam haven't seen the film and aren't going to see it until the actual ceremony itself.  It feels like an awesome responsibility -- our film is their actual wedding.  And right now we are still putting it together.  4 days left to get it done.  We have some massive technical issues to get through, but 4 days comes out to 96 hours, so we've got the pedal to the metal.Image