A Wedding at The GLBT Expo


We were happy to be invited back to this year's GLBT Expo at The Javits Center - http://www.originalglbtexpo.com  - to continue with our "Face of the Expo" project which we started last year.  One of the highlights for us was having an actual wedding party step into our Mobile Studio.  Life-long couple Edie and Julie had flown  to New York City from their home in Key West, Florida,  specifically for the Expo.   Their good friend, Steve, who runs a Travel Agency also based in Key West was an exhibitor at the Expo, and their plan was to get married in his booth.   Traveling with Edie and Julie from Key West were their close friends who would serve as their witness and officiant.    Edie and Julie originally married over 30 years ago and wanted to renew their vows in this unique way.  We were honored to have them step in front of our cameras.