Sean Scherer - Reinvention Stories

Recently, Jonsar Studios partnered with Brooklyn based Storytellers Narativ at Industry City for an evening of listening, storytelling and community.   Narativ transforms the way people communicate, teaching people how to be better listeners and tell stories that connect, engage and inspire. The goal was to elicit stories from attendees that centered around the theme of reinvention.

Can you tell me about a time when you had to reinvent yourself -- and what happened?

Sean S.:  "After witnessing what went on in lower Manhattan during 9/11, I had to get out of the City. A year later I moved upstate and bought an old house.  I needed to restore the house, but what I really needed to do was to restore my senses after everything I had lived through or witnessed - particularly during the year after that day.  So I completely reinvented myself by getting a job teaching upstate and opening up a store.  It's created a whole new second half of my life."

See Sean's work:

In collaboration with Narativ.