AfroPunk Fest 2013


Four days have passed since we made our last few images at Afropunk Fest 2013 in Brooklyn -- yet the sounds of music, the omnipresent smell of food and smoke in the air and the images of the hundreds of people we photographed play like a movie in our heads. It was an amazingly enriching two days.

It's truly a life-changing event to become intimately personal with a stranger in order to create an image of them. In those few minutes when we're trying to help people reach inside and reveal something of their true self, we seem to touch upon something -- an inner spirit -- a magic of a kind, and for a few frames it's as if we get a peek into another human's soul. It's an honor for us to experience each and every time and it's why we do what we do. We give an image in exchange for a moment of pure connection.

Thank you to all who participated in our Afropunk Fest "Faces in the Crowd" Art Project. We hope we brought as much joy to your lives as you brought to ours.