At The Studio Door - Brian A.

You're a bike messenger in NYC.  You're riding through the craziness of Manhattan.  What are you thinking?

"I'm honestly infuriated.  The traffic is insane and there are so many smokers.  I don't like it but I'm on a mission.  I'm trying to move out of the country, have my own farm, my own land.  To get away from GMO foods and chem trails.   I can't have it here so I'm going to have it somewhere else.  And I like exercise - so that's why I chose the messenger life."

What are chem trails?

"They come from planes that pose as airliners.  They're putting out clouds to block the sun.  The planet is heating up and these planes are out there spraying sulphur.  It's an effort of the power elite to control us, to control mother nature.  I've done the research.  I had someone open my eyes and I took the initiative to learn about it."

Why do you want your own farm?

"Because most of the food that's at our disposal is tainted.  I believe you are what you eat.  When  you eat meat you're putting a dead animal inside of you.  As opposed to a living plant - when you eat that vegetable it's still living.   But meat is addictive.  Even my own family won't get off meat.  They are proud that they love their meat."

How do you spread your message?

"Actually I got discouraged because I ran into someone who shunned me when I talked to them about junk food.  They said, "I like trashy food - who are you to tell me that I shouldn’t eat it?"   Basically they were saying that I need a PhD to talk to them about food.  But I’m a human being on this planet - so why wouldn’t my word be enough?  And that was right in the Bronx where I live.  So it set me back a bit, but I’m still trying to put out the message. I use spray paint.  People are used to seeing advertisements - this is my advertisement.  I'm trying to wake people up.  It's for enlightenment."

"I feel that my mission is to help others.  One day I'll be able to give people organic vegetables.  But it's bigger than one person.  It's a team effort.  I used to spend my money on materialistic things.  I used to do the Gucci thing, but then I went broke so I had to turn it around.  I thought "this can't go on."  It was a game changer and now I'm on the humble path."

"I've always been doing things different.  I was also shy.  Now I'm breaking out of the shy box and I really know where I stand in this universe.  I'm a black man.  And I feel that the color of my skin is something very special - powerful.  But the world we live in - it's kind of backwards.  Some black people don't know about the melanin in their skin, or they don't care.  Black people need to know where they come from.  It's more than slavery - it's real deep."