Beer Can II

We went canoe camping at the end of August and met up with our fishing buddies, Dave & Judy who were out on the lake in their boat - the Beer Can II.  Seems the Beer Can I was put into retirement at the end of last summer.  They sure do love to fish -- Dave even taught us how to filet one, though we're more the catch & release kind.  The morning we were packing our canoe to leave I fell and broke my arm.  I fell half in/half out of the water on a rocky bank of the lake.  We knew we were in deep trouble – miles away from our car with no transport except for an overloaded canoe and only three good arms to paddle it – if I could even manage to get into the canoe at all.   As I sat there in shock, the morning fog began to clear and about 1/2 mile up the lake we could make out the shape of the Beer Can II with Dave in it.  We hooted and hollered as loud as we could.  Dave turned and waved to us – thinking we were simply saying goodbye for another year.  Again, we yelled – and again he turned to wave goodbye.  This went on several more times, until finally he fired up the engine and motored over slowly.   Somehow he got me into the boat and took me to our car.  We then had a three and half hour drive to a hospital, but without Dave and the Beer Can II I truly don’t know how I would’ve made it at all.