Fiama Hummel - Conversations with Artists


Are you a singer in addition to being a songwriter? "That's what people say, but I normally don't believe what people tell me, so I just say that I'm a songwriter."


Does your music come from the lyrics or do the lyrics come from the music?


“I usually hear melodies. I hear instruments in my head, I don't play an instrument. Usually I hear drums in the back of my head, I hear guitar on the right, I hear bass on the left, and after the melody comes I start writing the lyrics to it. Sometimes I'll wake up from a dream and the lyrics are there.”


What do dreams have to do with art?

"I feel like somebody else is writing my songs for me and they kind of just come to me.  So somebody else is living through me, essentially.  It's very strange but I've always had that in writing my music."

What role does sadness play in life and art?


Sadness is such a powerful thing to an artist. I feel like without it I can't create, it's just impossible. It's like I can't see the light without the sadness. I can't learn anything if I haven't gone through the dirt and the mud. I feel like I haven't conquered anything if I haven't gone through something so even when I'm happy I always have to think of a very sad memory to bring me back to trying to help someone else who might be going through that moment of sadness that I went through. To bring them back to life, to help them.