We just spent several weeks filming behind-the-scenes imagery of a team who were shooting a 3-D documentary on Hurricanes for the Discovery Channel.  We filmed a great deal in Staten Island as well as in New Jersey.  In New Jersey we worked closely with the Police Department of Brick Township.  Each and every Officer we worked with there was extremely dedicated and personally invested in bringing order back to their town after devastation that had taken place.  So being, the small things took on important significance.  Officer Robert Shepherd made it his personal mission to recover all of the downed American Flags that he found, bringing them back to the makeshift Operations Center until they were either claimed by their former owners, or just in order to keep them safe. On several instances we witnessed him going above and beyond the call of duty to retrieve a flag - in this case he dug one out from under a demolished building.  To our eyes the flag hadn't been visible at all, but somehow he spotted a tiny corner of it and dug it out. _SAN6926