_SK80206-Edit On the devastated beach of Normandy in Brick Township, we encountered Mayor Acropolis who had brought his family out so that they could personally witness what he himself had been seeing for many days.

We had first met Mayor Acropolis a few days before as he escorted a group from the press on a tour of the area. It was obvious even then, how deeply he cared and how passionate his commitment was to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.  The Mayor made it clear that one of his major priorities was getting the local residents back onto the barrier island safely and quickly, and he had been putting in countless hours working to coordinate those efforts.   As we toured the area we could see the inherent dangers of that task and realized the monumental job that the Mayor had before him.

With his family by his side we felt their sense of loss, shock and most of all determination to restore their community.  There are hard days ahead -- and we wish the Mayor, his family and all the residents well.