House Boat

_SAN7206-Edit Hurricane Sandy washed many homes from their foundations.  One home in particular traveled farther than the rest, almost one mile out into the Bay -- deck and all.  Police Officers from Brick Township as well as other neighboring towns had been patrolling the Bay to ensure that looters didn't enter the barrier islands by boat, and one such patrol made time in their incredibly arduous schedule to take the "Hurricane" crew out to document the floating house.



It was truly staggering to see the house, virtually intact, floating in the middle of the Bay.  As we approached, the scene was eerily peaceful.  We almost expected someone to come to the door and invite us in - if it weren't for the sound of the water slapping the shingles as well as the boat's motor roaring in our ears.  Looking in the window, folded laundry sat neatly on a bed as if it had just been placed there.  It was as if the house had been guided by a gentle hand, but in fact it's journey was one of extreme violence.



The making of the documentary "Hurricane" wouldn't be possible without help from local authorities.  In this case the Brick Township Police Department were invaluable.  Their dedication and commitment to the job at hand was amazing to see.  The fact that they made time for us highlighted their understanding that this Documentary is an important project both in the historical and scientific aspects.