Portrait of an Artist - Self

"I'm a silkscreen artist.  My goal is to make something that explains the unexplainable - to bring about connection, to make people feel some part of it and make it useful to them.  My ideas come from trying to empower people to be themselves - to get people to stop fronting -- to stop trying to be something they're not."

"I had a vision I wasn't going to make it to 21.  I don't know if it came from a movie I had seen -- but for some reason I thought I wouldn't make it.  And then I got shot three times.  My bones were shattered."

"I was in the hospital and I had a vision of my Grandmother.  She came to me and told me I was on the wrong path.  It was a bright light and I heard her voice very clearly - saying: 'you're doing the wrong thing -- you need to change your life or you're going to end up dying.'  That was the biggest changing point of my life."

"The main purpose to being on this planet is to create.  Whether it's to reproduce or to make something - or to bring the light.  If you're not doing that, you may be wasting your time."