Sarah C. - Reinvention Stories

Tell me about a time in your life when you reinvented yourself.  What happened?

"I moved to Spain and I knew I was ready to come out.   It was a hugely challenging and exciting thing. But I got to try on a whole different world with a lot of different people and it was way more fun than I thought. I moved because I wanted to learn the language, but also because I needed to get away from my boyfriend at the time whom I was leaving.  And I needed to have the opportunity to find myself where I didn't have everyone looking over my shoulder.  I think I knew that I needed to be away, I don't think I really knew why. But I moved and then it was like the world opened. It was amazing. The best frigging time of my life.  I got to just shed anything previously that I'd created for myself and start anew in a really magnificent way. With a new language and with new people and it was badass."

In collaboration with Narativ.