Jonsar Studios’ Portrait and Gif Experience for Jack Daniels


A Wild night out with Jack Daniels - Motel 7 - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Jack Daniel’s Motel No. 7

Client: Mirrorball/Jack Daniel’s

Agency: Mirrorball Agency

Venue: A 32,000-square-foot warehouse in Brooklyn

Mobile Studio Dimensions: 20’ x 30’ (open top)

Guests: 5,000+

Sessions: 243

Booking Duration: 2 nights, 4 hours per activation

Equipment: 2 Nikon D800 camera bodies, Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 mm lens, Profoto lighting equipment, social media kiosk, printing station, editing bay, video hub, router, wind machine, mobile hotspot, PA system & headsets, 2 iPads for guest sign-in, fully built-out set with props and costume accessories.

Jonsar Personnel: 2 photographers, 2 editors, 1 guest experience coordinator


Mirrorball enlisted us for an epic pop-up brand experience on behalf of their client Jack Daniel’s. The two-night event was to be completely immersive: Jack Daniel’s was transforming a massive Brooklyn warehouse into Motel No. 7, a fictitious roadside motel where traveling musicians might crash. Attendees would check in at the front desk upon arrival and be greeted by bellhops, housekeepers, a poolside cocktail lounge, a game room, a salon, a speakeasy and of course, plenty of music from DJs, karaoke machines and headline performers.

We collaborated with Mirrorball to create a one-of-a-kind portrait experience set: a rock star suite complete with gold record plaques, shag rug, speakers, amplifiers and guitars. We also curated an assortment of costumes, wigs, accessories and props so attendees could really play up the vibe.


Because we had plenty of space to work with—and a custom-built set—we were able to have a lot of fun with group portraits and GIFs. Partygoers loved choosing accessories and posing with their friends, and live streams of our photos and videos captured onlookers’ attention via four 65” LCD displays near our set. Our activation was a hub of energy in an already high-energy venue.

Over the course of two nights, over 29,000 pictures from the event were shared on social media, resulting in over 50 million impressions. #MotelNo7 became a trending hashtag, and the event itself garnered significant positive press for Jack Daniel’s. Our portrait experience (and our photos!) were included in several articles, as well as in guests’ social media posts.


For years, I envisioned bringing the excitement and energy of a real fashion photoshoot to one of our events. When I encountered Jonsar Studios it was everything I had ever envisioned and more. Robert and Kat are consummate professionals and one of the most cohesive creative teams that I have worked with. From the portrait work to their stunning multi-image videos, Jonsar Studios is an absolute must-have for any size gala or event, and their studio work is equally impressive.
— Michael Blatter, Founder & CEO, Mirrorball Agency
Living in a dream... Thanks, Jonsar Studios for making this dream picture of me in my dream bedroom at the Jack Daniel’s party!
— A Motel No. 7 partygoer on Instagram