Privet Hedge Awards Dinner, Sebonack Golf Club - Southampton, NY

The best and brightest of the Hamptons real estate community were celebrated last night at the fourth annual Privet Hedge Awards Dinner, held at the lovely and swanky Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton. Hosted by Manhattan Media, publisher of Behind the Hedges, Dan’s Papers and AVENUE, it was, as always, a wonderful evening filled with old friends and new.

First up, of course, was cocktail hour. Strolling past the new Alfa Romeo Giulias parked by the entrance, then up the winding staircase to the party awaiting on the second floor, guests found cocktails, wine and AltaNeve prosecco flowing on the deck as a light fog rolled over the Peconic Bay. The pre-dinner merriment included not a photo booth—that’s so 2012—but the fashion-model-level photo shoot experience by Jonsar; this writer felt vaguely like she’d stepped back into the world of David Bailey and Blow-Up. Many, many guests lined up for the fun activity throughout the night.
— Dan's Papers