Videos & Gifs: Portraits in Motion

Our video and GIF portraits are unique, creative and totally memorable.


Capturing a great video or GIF can be tricky — and we know just how to direct your guests so their portraits will shine. No more awkward poses or worries about what to do with your hands!

All Jonsar Studios video and GIF portraits are fully optimized for social media. Branded videos can be sent directly to guests’ phones for sharing across all platforms, incorporating your event’s hashtag and relevant handles.

Jonsar Studios is a must-have for any size gala or event. Their stunning multi-image videos transform events.
— -Michael Blatter, Founder & CEO, Mirrorball Agency


Videos & Gifs Formatted for Social Sharing

Have a Hashtag or Special Messaging to share? Our branded videos can be sent right to guests’ phones for immediate sharing.


Guests step onto the set and we do the rest. Within minutes of their session, our creative videos are either sent directly to their phones or are on display venue-wide.