Xander Bogaerts for WTR MLN WTR


Seeding Change

Goal: The Seeding Change campaign was inspired to connect people to the knowledge of how food is grown, manufactured and processed in an effort to inspire change in the world. Photography goals were to create portraits of change makers by highlighting their inner spark and edge.

Results: We had a brief 3 hour window to photograph Xander Bogaerts in Boston. We knew we needed a clean portrait with product, which we captured first. We then encouraged some playfulness by giving Xander an armload of melons to hold, a bottle of Wtr Mln Wtr to balance on his head, a trampoline to jump on. Finally, at the end of the shoot we pitched some melons to him and told him to swing the bat and make contact. What resulted was an explosion of melon, juice, seeds, rind. It made for a great image - and for a deep clean of the studio.