Art Meets Fashion

How exciting it is to be in Brooklyn at Industry City. There is some kind of magic in the air and we are breathing it in deeply. Recently, at the invitation of Rick Davy, we were asked to be part of the Art Meets Fashion Exhibition at Industry City and continue our “Faces in the Crowd” Art Project.

After three days of photographing  artists, models, performers and attendees, we were left exhausted physically but re-invigorated psychically.  There is something transformative that happens in the three to five minutes we spend with each person in our mobile studio.   A window opens and for a brief moment we are granted a look into a stranger's soul.   Then, somehow, we are no longer strangers.  This process repeats itself and we lose track of time and only the experience matters.   In a way we are performers giving an experience to an audience of willing participants and we all walk away rewarded.