One year after Hurricane Sandy we are finally printing our images.  We spent an intense month with the Discovery Channel immediately after Sandy passed through photographing the storm's destruction- from Brooklyn through the Rockaways, on Staten Island and down the Jersey Shore.   What we saw, felt and experienced in those days left us changed in many ways.  There is something powerful for us to see our images rise out of the hard drives where they have lived for the past year and finally come to light where they can be seen and shared and perhaps in some small way, felt,  by those who may not have experienced the wrath of the storm personally.    On the Jersey Shore in those first few days after the storm, it was as if we were in a ghost town making family portraits -- only there were no families to be found -- just piles of their possessions on their front lawns. Our images and more amazing art will be on display at the ComeTogetherSandy Art Show in Industry City beginning 10/20/13  through 12/15/13.

Ortley Beach, N.J.
Staten Island, Ny.
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