David Storey & Jane Kent - Conversations With Artists

Speaking with David Storey and Jane Kent.

David:  "I make paintings, drawings and prints and I have for the last 45 years...


Jane:  "I make prints, drawings, books and paintings and I have for the last 40 years.  We are not at all similar, except after 32 years of marriage and sharing studios you can see a relationship.  Our internal lives are entirely different.  Our work looks very different.  It's a very different conversation I have with myself when I'm working than the conversation David has when he's working."


David:  "I feel that at this point in my life as an artist and my life together with Jane - another artist - that just recently I've arrived at a point where I feel that I'm finally making the work that I've wanted to make for a long, long time yet never actually quite got there.  I would always be looking forward to starting the next painting  because that was going to be the 'real one.'  And now, I feel that the paintings I'm making now -- once I do them -- I feel 'I like this.'  This is the place I've been working towards.  To be comfortable enough with what I'm trying to do and how the ideas manifest themselves visually and technically with how I handle the paint.  And I'm finally comfortable with the paint after a long  long time."


Jane:  "Who am I on my way to becoming?  Hopefully the best artist that I can be.  And that has a certain modesty to it.  Because I only want to be as good as I can be with all of my limitations.  I hope I am becoming as honest and clear thinking and reliable a person as I can be."