Hannah Sparks - Conversations with Artists


"I'm just actually re-entering the baking game after taking a few years off.  I would call it my passion but it's the kind of passion I was afraid to taint by working at it.  So I'm just getting back to work.  It became very joblike at some point so I stopped doing it for a job but continued doing it a whole lot at home.  But then no other job was giving me the same satisfaction.  So learn to take the good with the bad when it comes to working at your passion."


"My Mom was a big home cook.  She loved cooking for lots of people.  It made me enjoy being surrounded by people, cooking for them and seeing the enjoyment on everyone's face.  I love how food brings people together.   My mother encouraged everything I know and all my comfort in the kitchen.  It all comes totally from her and all my memories of her."


"I think the satisfaction I get out of the pastry arts is that you get to enjoy it at the end.  With baking - the thing that keeps me coming around is that when I'm finished I can consume it and it becomes part of me.  And then I can make it again.  I don't think any other art can be recreated like that and artists can't consume their art in the same way."