Photo Experience at Facebook NYC Headquarters - for “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”

Story: Facebook’s event planners wanted to create something special for the company’s annual “Take Your Kids To Work Day.” The concept: We’d set up our “photo-experience-not-a-photobooth” to create resonant photo experiences for Facebook employees’ kids and families.

At company HQ we had a large presentation room to set up our backdrop, lights and editors. There were two large monitors within the room itself and we set up additional displays in the hallway near our sharing kiosk so that people not in the room itself were able to view the completed slideshows. Finally, a large glass paneled window allowed people to view the sessions as they happened.

The kids themselves loved the experience and really got into it - toddlers and teens alike. Parents were thankful for the unexpected moments of family togetherness we provided. Our kiosk was enabled with social sharing options as well as printing so people were able to walk away with beautiful prints they treasured.